We, at Forbes, continually strive to understand the requirements of the market. With an in-house team to gather market intelligence, market data, analysis and actions, we are well-primed to be one-step ahead.

Based on primary research with additional secondary data, we took off to cater to the personal and professional needs of the Indian market. 

Forbes is proud to announce a new product line for Hand tools and power tools under the brand KENDO. A high quality range at attractive pricing.

With this Do-it-yourself culture starting in India, Forbes KENDO’s offering of a complete range of tools for daily use for personal and professional needs, the choices for Indian market couldn’t have been better. What’s more, these products act as a good complement to our existing range of cutting tools.

Our existing distribution channel will help us catapult the launch of Forbes KENDO to capture the market share in minimum time possible.

There’s more to come. Keep yourself updated with the latest developments on a frequent basis.


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