With the most popular hand tools, ideal for general purpose and family use.

Efficient storage for various tools.

Easy moving with rollers .

Adjustable shoulder strap.

Code No. 90601



6 pc screwdrivers: slotted 3×75, 5×100, 6x50mm,

PZ0x75, PZ1x100, PZ2x150

1 pc bits holder

20 pc CRV bits 25mm

1 pc machinist’s hammer 25mm

1 pc combinattion plier, 200mm

1 pc side cutting plier, 160mm

1 pc adjutable wrench, 200mm

6 pc precision screwdriver

8 pc hex keys

1 pc hand saw, 450mm

1 pc half-round file, 200mm

1 pc scissor, 200mm

1 pc utility cutter

1 pc cutter blades, 5pc inside

2 pc spring clamps

1 pc 300mm ruler

1 pc tool bag with trolley